Broken laptop Screen

Laptop Screen Repair

So you broke your laptop screen, dropped it? Stepped on it? Dog chewed it? You need your laptop screen repaired. What do you do now? Buy a new one, right? WRONG! Most laptop screens can be replaced for right about $100. Let’s see what options are available.

Temporary Solutions

Let’s say your working on a project, term paper or homework, and you have to see what’s on that screen without looking through a rainbow of colors or broken glass. You can, and in most cases it’s easy.

Check to see if your laptop has a “HDMI”, “VGA”, “DVI” or “Display Port”. You can use these to connect to an external monitor, or even your TV. Again this is just a temporary fix until you can have you laptop screen repaired.

Laptop Screen Repair

Ok, now it’s time to have that screen repaired. What are your options? Do it yourself, or hire a professional, like Affordable Computer Repair and Service. If your like me, I like to save money wherever I can. You can find many videos online that will show you the steps. For example: Laptop Screen Repair.

But if your not absolutely confident of your abilities, I would caution you against trying this yourself. Not all laptops are so easily repaired. The replacement screens are fragile. Once you experience the embarrassment of cracking a new replacement screen in front of your customer, you learn just how fragile they can be.

You can drop your mobile computer off at some businesses, and have it repaired in a week or less. Large companies usually have many customers, and can’t  provide the personal service that a smaller, locally owned business can. Larger companies also have large overhead costs, which someone has to pay, guess who?? Shop around, as prices can vary significantly.

Well, I hope you found some information you might use in this post. If you still have questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to call Affordable Computer Repair and Service at (407) 308-5713

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